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Periodontist Consultants at The Apollo Clinic, Salt Lake Kolkata
Periodontics is the specialization of dentistry which deals with the preservation of health of the supporting structures of the teeth, i.e. the gums, bone and the fibers which connect these together. Almost all individuals are affected by diseases of these tissues at some point in their lives and they constitute a major cause of tooth loss in later life. The good news is that most of these diseases are preventable by the simple procedure of a six monthly dental and periodontal check up and regular professional cleansing of teeth in the dental office. Simply brushing and flossing teeth are not enough.
Once the gums get infected, they start bleeding easily, especially while brushing and appear red and swollen. A visit to the dentist at this stage may restore complete health. However, any delay in seeking treatment may lead to irreversible damage and progress of the disease. Even at this later stage, the disease can be arrested by thorough cleansing of bacterial deposits through procedures known as ‘scaling and sub gingival root-planning’. In case loss of attachment between the tooth and its supporting structures leads to formation of a pocket, which may need surgical intervention for thorough removal of bacterial deposits and even to regenerate the lost structures.
A loss of attachment also leads to recession of the gums which gives an unsightly appearance and ruins many a beautiful smile. A Periodontician has an answer even to this problem with the advent of periodontal plastic surgery procedures which can restore the beauty of your smile.
Consultant Qualificaton Days Timings
Dr. K.K Ganguly Periodontist Wednesday 4 to 6 pm
Please take prior appoinment at +91 - 33 - 2358 1021 / 22 / 23 to help us assist you better and reduce your waiting time.